Southern Railways


An interesting article in the Charleston Post and Courier calling for the preservation of the old Southern Railways coal dock. There used to be (way back) a huge tipple attached to it to tip the coal from the cars into the waiting ships. That is gone as is a lot of the rest of the building structure and the track. All of this is just north of Magnolia Cemetery. It is all private property and a chemical facility. Trust me when I tell you I know that they do not like you taking pictures around there. As well, the only real way to get to and see this old coal dock is from the water. And of course easily seen from the Ravanel bridge.

Southern Railway Charleston Coal Dock


For more information on the operation of the coal dock and tipple, check out the article “Down to the Sea in Coal” on the Southern Railfan site.

In that same area there are a lot of the old SOU building still standing. While they are behind barbed wire, a lot can be seen from the road. Basically you are talking right about 1600 Meeting Street.

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